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Filmmaker Nate Coulombe is back with If The Shoe Fits, his follow up to his 2015 short Coulrophobia.  Most people might be familiar with Nate’s work in front of the camera in films such as RUN and The Dead Bodies In #223, but this time he takes on the roles of writer, director, and actor.

by Adam Holtzapfel


The short clocks in at 18 minutes and 30 seconds and takes viewers on a ride through retail hell. As the story begins we see the employee (Coulombe) repairing shoes, shortly thereafter he meets with the shop owner (Tony Haynes) explaining he has another job offer.


With basically no notice the owner is left running the shop on his own and making repairs. Dealing with customers ranging from kids to businessmen needing shoes resoled, repaired, and heels fixed.





As the shoes pile up so do frustrations. As the customers unload on the owner we see that glimmer of disdain in his eyes. Once we move towards the finale we hear a frenzied jazz soundtrack that just touches your nerves the right way and learn that the owner has a secret that you may not expect.


My first viewing of this was in a hotel room at Days of the Dead: Indianapolis, it led to a lengthy conversation with Coulombe and Haynes about certain dialogue leading to how the viewer can take some of the story and make different conclusions. While also learning this was filmed where they both work and was cast with coworkers and family members. The use of black and white also adds a classic touch that lets it seem timeless. While 18 minutes seems long for a short it works, it let’s the tension build with a reward you don’t expect.





If you’re looking for a new voice in the indie horror scene and a fan of filmmakers like Jason Hoover keep your eyes out for this and on Nate Coulombe.


You can keep up with Nate and the rest of the Splitsville Production teams projects here.

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