Press Release: FrankenThug




A Buck Short Productions are back with the follow up to Room for Rent with FrankenThug. We’re excited to bring you this press release regarding their new venture! 



Directed by Richard Tanner, FrankenThug brings an All-star cast, straight from the Dirty South and fresh from the Underground join with the most demented crew in the A-town to bring you, FrankenThug!  A Horror/Comedy that will surely Re-Animate the genre and leave the fans Ravenous for more!



When Little Dave (Nathan Hamilton), the violent leader of Satan’s Own, executes a local dealer, no one expected anything to come of it.  Especially not the dealer’s brother, Brooklyn (Dante Sellers) but a family friend has other plans; plans the include resurrection and ton of weed.



Out of control and out for blood, FrankenThug takes it to the streets. Brooklyn must team up with a biker chick named Kori (Scream Queen- Danielle Page) to help find and save his brother from being gunned down…again.







You can’t go wrong with taglines like those listed below! 

“It’s Friday, you ain’t got no pulse and you ain’t got shit to do!!!”

“He’s got 99 problems but being dead ain’t one!”

“Get Rich… Die Trying… Repeat!”




Keep an eye out for FrankThug on the A Buck Short site and be sure to check out the trailer here.