Interview: Jerry Larew



This week ECHG writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with Jerry Larew star of She Was So Pretty & She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake which premieres this Friday at Nightmares Film Festival. Also, keep an eye out for the convention premiere as part of the Blue Track at Days of the Dead Chicago.



Adam Holtzapfel – How did you approach the role of Alfie in She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake versus the first film?


Jerry Larew – I mean it’s always going to be scary, creepy and mainly unpredictable. I love throwing on that velvet shirt, over coat and dirty pants ( in which the outfit hasn’t been washed in 3 years) . It’s always throws me into character adding those glasses in the mix! Between the two films it’s a toss up really, the holidays really get Alfie going…


AH – You’ve been to several film festivals and conventions where you dress as Alfie during the showing, once people see She Was So Pretty are they able to separate you from your character?


JL – Yes and No haha. If they know who I am in Street clothes that’s a pretty awesome experience and I definitely give them whatever experience they want. If it’s a hand shake to a photo. If they want something weird I will gladly do that as well! I have actually been asked to lick a few eyeballs for photos.


AH – Any crazy stories from filming the sequel?


JL – I can’t say… the viewer will have to see that for themselves! I will say break out the egg nog and let the holiday terror start, it will as soon as the film begins.





AH – Can fans expect to hear you on the soundtrack?


JL – No, but we have plenty of amazing artist’s on the soundtrack. Facexhugger is killing it, amongst many others!


AH – Do you have any future projects planned?


JL – Yes, nut I can’t say currently! She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake keep an eye out for it!!!