Review: She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake



After crushing screenings with last years indie sensation She Was So Pretty, director Brooklyn Ewing is back with the follow up, She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake.

Premiering at Nightmares Film Festival and winning the Night Mare for Best Cinematography Feature, Be Good For Goodness Sake had attendees wanting more. Most fans of the first will be on board with where the story goes, while some may not.


The film starts off with Faith (Erin Butusov) decorating a tree and a knock on the door. Enter Detective Baldwin (Corey Rutter). As Baldwin explains he’s making sure a “stolen” Christmas decoration is returned we see Alfie (Jerry Larew) in the background. From here their reign of terror begins.



We see Detective Baldwin (Corey Rutter) plotting his next move.



As the story goes we see Baldwin and Alfie terrorize families and disregard the law while Jake (Elvis McComas) and Kennedy (Justin Ewing) are trying to find out what happened to their friend Valerie Vestron. Alfie also meets Eleanore (Destiny Brooke Loper) which adds depth to his character. There’s also a great scene with Alfie and Hope (Tiffany Arnold) that will make your skin crawl in addition to a scene with some “savory” treats.


What works for Be Good For Goodness Sake is that it still has the feel of films like Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer with the right dash of Texas Chainsaw 2. In a way it’s more of a dark comedy than straight horror. Most of the acting is great with a couple exceptions, but it doesn’t ruin the film.



We see Merry (Michelle Waters) getting a holiday treat!



During the Q & A following the premier Brooklyn hit the nail on the head by saying how do you want to make a character grow, you add a love interest. That makes this film work it’s not the same typical slasher film where for example you just see Jason go on a rampage. Brooklyn has done a great job giving the character depth and keeping him human. She has set a path for the characters and it will be interesting to see where she takes them in the next film.


As it takes place during Christmas time this would be a great double feature to pair with I’m Dreaming Of A White Doomsday as an unhappy holidays night once both films get home media releases.


If you missed the screening at Nightmares Film Festival or Indie Sinsations your next chance to catch it is at Days of the Dead as part of the Blue Track, details can be found here.