This Week In Comics 1-10-2018



This week ECHG writer Adam Holtzapfel gives us a look at what’s in his pull list at the comic shop along with some books you may have missed.





X-Men Blue 19 – Marvel – In this issue we get part 3 of the Cross-Time Capers arc. For those that didn’t read All New X-Men during the Marvel Now run basically the original team time traveled to current day X-Mansion where they decided to stay instead of going back to the 60’s. X-Men Blue is a continuation of that as they try to get home. The name is throwback to when there was a blue team and a gold team. So far this has been one of Marvel’s better books.


The Flash 38 – DC – In this issue we get the finale of the Cold Day In Hell arc. At the beginning of the arc Barry Allen has been assigned to working at Iron Heights when the mysterious murder of one of Flash’s rogues occurs Barry is heading his own investigation on what really is going on at Iron Heights. Is The Flash able to bust out or is he doomed to life in prison? We get the answer in this issue.


Port Of Earth 3 – Image Comics – This series follows a scenario where the leaders of Earth allow an alien port to be built. With restrictions where alien life forms and human do not interact with each other, readers are treated to a story about what happens when these rules are not followed. In this issue the arc continues with the search for an alien that has left the port and killed an innocent human as a team searches for the creature to return them to port. Will they succeed, will excessive force be used and the rules broken? You’ll have to read it to see!




Royal City 9 – Image Comics – This series explores the bond of a family after the patriarch suffers a medical emergency. Patrick Pike returns the the fading factory town where he grew up and we see how each of the family members deal with their issues (love, loss, and life itself) with each being haunted by their own images of their deceased brother/son Tommy. If you’re looking for something completely different then this is the book for you. Each issue has a mix tape suggestion in the back filled with mainly 90’s alternative. 


In case you missed it the below are books worth checking out.


The End Of The Fucking World – Fantagraphics – Yes, the new Netflix series is based on a graphic novel from Charles Forsman (Slasher). This is a must read prior to watching the series. The story follows James and Alyssa as they face fears of adulthood, James’ sociopathy, and Alyssa being blinded by young love.


Brilliant Trash – Aftershock Comics – Issue 1 & 2 are currently in shops. Following the Lady Last World Incident a click bait headline journalist has the key to a conspiracy that can turn people into gods. What remains to be seen is if anyone believes her or not. If you’re a fan of superhuman sci fi then this is up your alley.


Imaginary Friends – Vertigo – Issues 1 & 2 are in shops now. Imaginary Friends follows the story of Melba who has spent the past few years in an asylum until FBI Agent Crockett comes calling for the help of her and her imaginary friend Polly Peachpit. Will they be able to help Crockett find IMPs (Interdimensional Mental Parasites) that stalk the minds of the young? If you’re into otherworldly horror then this is for you.


Long Lost – Scout Comics – Issues 1 & 2 in are in shops now. Long Lost is a female driven horror tale. We meet sisters Piper and Frances who are haunted by a mysterious creature that is somehow tied to their mother. Piper’s dog Pockets goes missing and the pair are given an invitation to their mother’s birthday by said creature. What works for this is so far it’s unpredictable, you have no clue what they will find or what will happen next. Also it has a feel of classic haunting movies which is sure to be a hit with long time horror comic fans as well as newer ones.