Review: Stirring



This week ECHG writer Adam Holtzapfel takes a look at Stirring, the new feature from Party Night director Troy Escamilla.



The film opens with a cringeworthy scene of sorority initiation. Once we get past that viewers are treated to a holiday party at the sorority house where gifts are exchanged and Angela (Mel Heflin) exchanges a scene with Amber (Kaylee Williams) that shows the rift between them. A grisly murder occurs we fast forward 10 years into the future to learn the victims sister, Danielle (Hailey Strader) is planning on pledging the same sorority. A mysterious email from Mrs Clause arrives hinting are more blood to be shed.


This is a fun Christmas themed film inspired by classics like Black Christmas and Silent Night Deadly Night with a touch of Sorority House Massacre thrown in. Also featuring appearances by Helene Udy & Brinke Stevens will please any fan that grew up on 80’s horror.



Julie Cornell (Brinke Stevens) is on the case!



What works for Stirring is while using a story most are familiar with it also has some twists fans may not expect. The acting is good and there is also some good gore as the streets flow with blood. Clocking in at around 86 minutes the runtime fits the story, you get a beginning, middle, and end without it feeling rushed or incomplete.


While Party Night was not my cup of tea, you can see how Troy has grown as a filmmaker with Stirring. This will be a favorite of genre fans who like holiday horror and will be right at home on the shelf next to the above mentioned films in any horror fans collection.