This Week In Comics 1-17-2018



This week ECHG writer Adam Holtzapfel gives us a look at what’s in his pull list at the comic shop.





Batman 39 – DC – In issue 39 we get part 3 of the Super Friends arc. In this arc Batman and Wonder Woman team up in an epic battle that will test their relationship as Batman continues his search for happiness. This has been a top series for DC and Tom King has done a great job picking up where Scott Snyder left off in the New 52 run. If you haven’t been reading this, get the trades and get caught up today! Other Bat family titles out today that you should check out are Batwoman issue 11 and Nightwing issue 37.


X-Men Gold 20 – Marvel – In this issue readers get part 5, the finale of The Negative Zone War arc. Our favorite mutants have been in a battle against Scythian, but what will be the cost of the war? This has been one of the better books Marvel is currently putting out along with X-Men Blue and Astonishing X-Men. If you’re a fan of muties, then this is a must read!


Dark Fang 3 – Image Comics – Readers get pazrt 3 of the Earth Calling arc. This series follows Valla, a fisherwoman turned underwater residing vampire who is fighting against the fossil fuel industry and giving the finger to politicians. The jury is still out on this one, but so far it has been an interesting series. Also new from Image this week are Days Of Hate 1 and Ice Cream Man 1, both look to be good books for horror fans and fans of war driven books.





Brilliant Trash 3 – Aftershock Comics – from writer Tim Seeley (it’s easier to find a list of what he’s not writing vs what he is writing), Brilliant Trash is a sci fi superhuman tale. Following the vanishing of Old City of Jerusalem (think Alderaan) due to the lady last incident a click bait journalist holds the key to a conspiracy. This series mixes a love of sci fi, conspiracy, and more! If you’re into unconventional books this is a must read.


In case you missed it, there’s a book out that will please slasher fans all over!


Hatchet – American Mythology – Victor Crowley is back to terrorize, but this time it’s in comic form. The book is well written, plenty of gore, and everything fans love about the Hatchet films. Issues 0-2 are in stores now.