Review – Crazy Fat Ethel



If you attended Days of the Dead’s Louisville show or any other conventions in the fall, chances are you had a chance to see Crazy Fat Ethel.



by Adam Holtzapfel


Crazy Fat Ethel is a love letter the 1975’s cult classic Criminally Insane. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I loved what Brian Dorton did with the characters.


The film tells the story of Ethel who is in an institution to try to help with her appetite. Once released she goes to live with her aunt and from there the insanity truly begins.


At times this feels like an homage and other times it feels like a remake, but either way it’s a perfect midnight movie and sure to be cult classic. Dixie Gers is perfect for the role of Ethel. The cast is also rounded out by ToeTag alum Athena Prychodko, Laura Westphal, Jenny Coulter, and more familiar faces from the Louisville area.



Here viewers see Rose (Athena Prychodko) and Ethel (Dixie Gers) having a heart to heart conversation…or are they?


The fx are great with the use of pig parts. A couple of what the fuck scenes that are sure to make stomachs uneasy (if you’re squeamish have a bucket ready). If you haven’t seen Criminally Insane, it’s a must before viewing this. If you’re a fan of 70’s feeling films, then this is up your alley. While some may think the acting is bad, it truly captures the feel of horror films many of us cut our teeth on. If you’re spending a night in pair this with Microwave Massacre and Criminally Insane for a triple feature of the “so bad it’s good” variety.


Keep an eye out for Crazy Fat Ethel and remember sometimes it’s ok to eat between meals!

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