This Week In Comics 1-29-2018



This week ECHG writer Adam Holtzapfel gives us a look at what’s in his pull list at the comic shop.



Dark Nights: Metal 5 – DC – While I have been buying this series and the tie ins, this is one I’m waiting to spend a weekend binge reading. From reading Forge and Casting this deals with nth metal and several dark Batmen invading the current DC Universe. Written by Scott Snyder this is sure to be an event not to miss.





The Flash Annual 1 – DC – This book kicks off the Flash War event. Fans are treated to classic Wally West, Barry Allen, and young Wally West to see who is the one and only Flash. This book has been one of the better books to come from DC Rebirth and I’m curious to see what the Flash War does to the character.


Hack/Slash Resurrection 4 – Image – Picking up where issue 3 left off, fans will see how Cassie deals with betrayal and her side kick Vlad being reanimated. If you’re a fan of the original series then this is up your alley.


Long Lost 3 – Scout Comics – Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle are back with issue 3 of this 12 issue series. Picking up where issue 2 left off will readers see Piper and Frances attend their mother’s party? Will they make it through the night? This book has been a surprise. Written and illustrated by local (Columbus, OH) team of Erman and Sterle, the idea came from a trip to Hocking Hills, which shows in the art. For fans of otherworldly horror this is a not miss!


That wraps up this light week on the pull list. Be sure to tune in next week for what’s in shops.


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