From Dusk Till Con Radio: POPapalooza!





On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO, we talk about Pittsburgh’s newest event POPapalooza! We are joined by Jennifer Fraser as we talk about Pops, The Collectors Cave and POPapalooza that is happening July 7th. Tune in for all the details. We also talk about Mountain Monsters, Days of the Dead Charlotte and Steel City Con Horror Edition.


From Dusk Till Con Radio Adolfo Dorta







On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO, our good friend Adolfo Dorta of DAYS OF THE DEAD stops by to talk about this year’s DOTD Indy show. He lets two major announcements out as well as the past, present and future of DOTD. We also talk briefly on Twin Peaks and the Friday the 13th the game, or what they call a game.

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From Dusk Till Con Radio: The end of HorrorRealm




On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO, the ECHG crew talks about the end of our hometown convention, HorrorRealm. We talk about some of our favorite memories of the show from guests, to panels to friends that have been made. We also talk about the ”convention” Steel City Con and the reaction of some of the local horror community surrounding the end of HorrorRealm and how egos have shown peoples true colors. Also we do a bottom 5 of the worst horror directors. Not a show to miss!

From Dusk Till Con Radio, May the 4th Be With You





On this special episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO brought to you by THE TOO GROOVY TOY SHOW, the guys have a conversation on Star Wars, what off shoot films they would like to see and more. They also get ready for the upcoming premiere of GAME OF THRONES!

From Dusk Till Con Radio Steel City Con





On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO the guys discuss the brewing controversy of the new Steel City Con Horror Convention. This is the first FDTC Radio has talked about this and will not be the last. We also talk about the last Cinema Wasteland and so much more.

From Dusk Till Con Radio Presents THE GRAND RETURN







The big return of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO happened last week and here is the archive for you to enjoy. The guys catch up on horror TV with Bates Motel and train wreck that is TWD. We talk about some con news concerning Negan and Daryl not being able to sign at a recent connection. We also talk about Cinema Wasteland and Wrestlemania.

I Love the 80’s Panel from HorrorRealm






ECHG is proud to present the I LOVE THE 80s Panel from HorrorRealm. We sit down with Diane Franklin (Amityville 2, Better Off Dead, TerrorVision, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, The Final Interview) Suzanne Snyder (Night of the Creeps, Weird Science, Return of the Living Dead 2, Silver Spoons, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Seinfield) Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather, Phantom of the Opera, Popcorn, Curse 2) and Amanda Wyss (Nightmare on Elm Street, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)


From Dusk Till Con Radio Bill Paxton RIP







On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO the guys talk about the implosion that is The Walking Dead, HorrorRealm and the passing of Bill Paxton. Drew also highlights some horror video games including the train wreck that is the Friday the 13th video game. As always enjoy!

Darren Lynn Bousman Panel from DOTD ATLANTA





In a very rare convention appearance Darren Lynn Bousman sits down with the ECHG crew at DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA. We talk about his career from his beginning to now from the Saw films to Abattoir. Check out this rare Q&A panel brought to you by ECHG and DOTD.