SCREAM AT THE SCREEN: Jennifer Masty from “Dark Roads ’79”

Jennifer Masty is one of the stars of “Dark Roads ’79” was  delight to speak to at the Atlanta Days of the Dead. She shares with us her phobias…and we take complete advantage.

Enjoy this edition of Scream at the Screen!

SCREAM AT THE SCREEN: April Bogenschutz from “Dark Roads ’79”

I would be a no good fibber if I didn’t admit being a little taken by the subject of this episode’s interview. Obviously, she is incredibly beautiful and lots of fun to talk to, but she has great taste in horror movies as well. (You’ll see what I mean!)

She also got to work with THE Bill Moseley on “Dark Roads ’79” as well for Spirit World!

SCREAM AT THE SCREEN: Portia Chellelynn of “Candie’s Harem”

Portia Chellelynn of "Candie's Harem"
Portia Chellelynn of “Candie’s Harem”

Portia Chellelynn of “Candie’s Harem”, was really fun to talk to in Indianapolis, despite the fact she lives in Chicago, just down the road from this reporter!

Portia has been busy on such films as Candie’s Harem, Cellar Secret, Deimosimine, Make Them Die Quickly, Leaf Blower Massacre 2, The Clown Dies at Midnight (which serves him right if you ask me), and Cafe Kremlin Season 2 Episode 1. That makes me tired just thinking of it, but this ball of energy just keeps churning them out!

You can find out all about Portia and her films at the following links:

This interview was taped at Days of the Dead Indianapolis on June 24-26, 2016.


SCREAM AT THE SCREEN: Alicia Watson & Courtney Riggs of “Strip Club Massacre”

Scream-at-the-Screen-FeaturedTo say that Alicia and Courtney were popular at the Atlanta Days of the Dead convention would be an understatement. Everyone at the convention was asking, “Did you see the table for Strip Club Massacre yet?”

These young ladies were very enthusiastic in their promotion of their film and great fun to interview. You can check out their movies at the links below:…

This interview was taped at Days of the Dead Atlanta on February 5-7, 2016.