From Dusk Till Con Radio Bill Paxton RIP







On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO the guys talk about the implosion that is The Walking Dead, HorrorRealm and the passing of Bill Paxton. Drew also highlights some horror video games including the train wreck that is the Friday the 13th video game. As always enjoy!

From Dusk Till Con Radio Thursday 01-12-2017



On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO, the guys talk about all of the panels they are hosting at DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA. They go over the guest list, events and so much more about DOTD ATL. They then talk about the list of celebs for the March HorrorRealm show in Pittsburgh. Sit back, listen and enjoy!









A From Dusk Till Con Radio first, last night we did not have a live show so we recorded a Podcast. On this episode we talk about TWD, the Friday the 13th Video game, Westworld, random topics and for fans of the show our latest Super Happy Fun Time. We talk about our top 5 most overrated Horror Films.