Jason Voorhees Panel






Days of the Dead and the East Coast Horror Group present the Jason Voorhees Panel from DOTD: Louisville. The actors included are Derek Mears, Warrington Gillette, Kane Hodder and CJ Graham.

Friday the 13th Panel






Days of the Dead and the East Coast Horror Group are proud to present the Friday the 13th Panel including C.J. Graham, Kane Hodder, Steve Dash, Adrienne King and a rare convention appearance by Larry Zerner.

From Dusk Till Con Radio Bill Paxton RIP







On this episode of FROM DUSK TILL CON RADIO the guys talk about the implosion that is The Walking Dead, HorrorRealm and the passing of Bill Paxton. Drew also highlights some horror video games including the train wreck that is the Friday the 13th video game. As always enjoy!

From Dusk Till Con Radio: DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA 2017 Recap







On this episode Drew, Tim and Mike talk about their time at DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA 2017. Topics include the panels, events and so much more.


A brand new panel has been released on our website, iTunes and Youtube from Days of the Dead Chicago. It is the Faces of Jason Panel with Steve Dash, CJ Graham and Kane Hodder. Check out them talking about their experiences playing the infamous Jason Voorhees.