Here’s a listing of some of the common terms utilized on some of the East Coast Horror Group and their “meanings.”

Atmosfeel: The general ambiance of a movie and it’s emotional throughline. Also, Drew mispronounced atmosphere and we loved it.

Carpenterinian: A movie with elements of John Carpenter in it. Despite some comments, this does not include every movie Kurt Russel is in.

Coach: Mike Exler sounds suspiciously like Coach McGurk from the cartoon “Home Movies.” Accusations have been made.

Collector/Collection: These are pronounced Collect-OAR and Collec-SHE-OUN. The first Collector movie was good.

Commish: The Commissioner of the MPAA sometimes appears on our shows to talk about the guidelines for horror films.

Dragons: Drew loves dragons. It’s weird.

Editing Bay: Many Indie directors have not heard of this contraption. It magically makes most horror movies better.

Jaws: Tim’s favorite movie…to a weird and uncomfortable degree.

Morris the Explainer: Character in the movie that shamelessly dispenses exposition. (Alternately: Explainer D’Onofrio)

Movie House: The correct term for your local cinema.

RomZomCom: Romantic Zombie Comedies. There are more than you thought out there. Unfortunately.

Sucklitude: Level of how terrible a movie is. i.e. Jaws has very little Sucklitude.

Waldovision: This is the term for horror movies that have a static shot and expect you to stare at the screen and find the scary thing happening. i.e. every shot in Paranormal Activity

Well Lit: The least you can say about an Indie movie if they AT LEAST got that right. When reviewing a micro-budgeted film it is important to note this because so many can’t get this right.