Here’s a listing of some of the common terms utilized on some of the East Coast Horror Group and their “meanings.”

Ankle Naked: When going in to the water up to your ankles, it is advisable to not wear anything on the soles of your feet or on the sides of your feet or even the top of your feet. Let’s not get naked; let’s get ANKLE NAKED!

Atmosfeel: The general ambiance of a movie and it’s emotional throughline. Also, Drew mispronounced atmosphere and we loved it.

Carpenterinian: A movie with elements of John Carpenter in it. Despite some comments, this does not include every movie Kurt Russel is in.

Coach: Mike Exler sounds suspiciously like Coach McGurk from the cartoon “Home Movies.” Accusations have been made.

Collector/Collection: These are pronounced Collect-OAR and Collec-SHE-OUN. The first Collector movie was good.

Commish: The Commissioner of the MPAA sometimes appears on our shows to talk about the guidelines for horror films.

Cult: A cult can be defined as having people wearing robes and fire.

Douchetard: Offensive term used (frequently) to describe Little Baby Drewface Puss Puss Seidler.

Dragons: Drew loves dragons. It’s weird.

Editing Bay: Many Indie directors have not heard of this contraption. It magically makes most horror movies better.

Jaws: Tim’s favorite movie…to a weird and uncomfortable degree.

Morris the Explainer: Character in the movie that shamelessly dispenses exposition. (Alternately: Explainer D’Onofrio)

Movie House: The correct term for your local cinema.

RomZomCom: Romantic Zombie Comedies. There are more than you thought out there. Unfortunately.

Sucklitude: Level of how terrible a movie is. i.e. Jaws has very little Sucklitude.

Waldovision: This is the term for horror movies that have a static shot and expect you to stare at the screen and find the scary thing happening. i.e. every shot in Paranormal Activity

Well Lit: The least you can say about an Indie movie if they AT LEAST got that right. When reviewing a micro-budgeted film it is important to note this because so many can’t get this right.